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Roof Installations
Get your old roofing system patched or a new roofing system installed on your residential property by the best roofing contractors in Farmington Hills, Michigan. We can also install a new roofing system on your property in one day here at Farmington Hills Roofing Company, and that’s not all. If the roofing materials were decent in the first place, no matter what roofing shingles you choose, it will last for more than two decades. After that, repairing the roofing system is almost always necessary, and professional hands are needed to install a new shingles. We offer roof tear-off services as well as other roof maintenance services in addition to new roofing system installs.

Roofing Repairs
If you own a residential or commercial home, our specialist roofing crews are fully trained and capable of restoring any kind of roofing device. Our roofing jobs are all done carefully to ensure that no small errors are made and that the roofing lasts as long as possible.
We also provide emergency roof maintenance services that provide scheduling solutions so that we can get the roofing system back up and running without causing any problems, even if you’re on a tight deadline.

Roof Replacements
Old shingles are brittle, and they can end up posing a greater risk to you and your whole home. We provide roof maintenance services for a variety of roofing materials and properties, so you won’t be inconvenienced if your roofing system falls.